One More Kiss Dawn Brower Monarchal Glenn Press

One More Kiss Dawn Brower Monarchal Glenn Press

By Dawn Brower - Dawn Brower

  • Release Date: 2021-06-08
  • Genre: Fiction
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Get lost in FOUR first in series stories… Cowgirl Fever: Dallas Novak swore off women after his fiancée broke their engagement. His plans change when he becomes responsible for his family and their ranch, Novak Springs. Resigned to his new life, he throws himself into making the ranch successful. Ginnifer Zeiss is a well-established journalist from New York. When approached to write an article on Cowgirl Yoga, she drops everything to experience what a real ranch is like. She secretly loves ranches and is attracted to sexy cowboys. When Dallas meets Ginnifer he is instantly attracted to her. As he spends time in her company, he starts to wonder if he can live without her. Can he move past the betrayal his ex-fiancée dealt him long enough to grab happiness? There You’ll Be: Carly Gallagher doesn’t make mistakes. Until one day she makes one that causes the death of someone she cares about. She would turn to the man she loves more than anything—if he were free to love her in return. Phillip Morrison’s life turned upside down the moment he met Carly. Everything he thought was right turned out to be the exact opposite. He has to make a lot of choices but, one thing is clear: he loves Carly and he has to find a way to claim her. Chaos runs wild through their lives, and just when it looks like they have a chance to be together—fate has other plans... One Heart to Give: When tragedy strikes Dani’s business partner it brings Ren back into her life. She’d thought she moved past her feelings for him, but one glance and they come flooding back. Growing up as an orphan, Daniella Brosen has trouble connecting with other people. She has no room for anyone in her life, except her best friend, Rendall Sousa. He is the only male she’s ever loved or will love. Circumstances beyond her control tear them apart, and she has no choice but to leave him behind. When Daniella left without a word it broke Ren’s heart. If she’d given him a chance he’d have told her how much he loved her. Dani was everything to him, but she made her choice. There was only one course of action left to him—move on without her. As their lives become intertwined again, can Ren convince her he’s always loved her or will she push him away forever? Passion and Lies: Vivian Miene lost the love of her life, or so she believed... Then one day admist danger she thought she'd escaped, he returns in time to save her, and her twin sister. The shock undoes her and, as she picks up the pieces, she has to decide if he deserves a second chance. Eric Black left because he believed it was the only way to keep Vivian safe. He was wrong. While in hiding, he had someone watching over her, but they were not to contact him unless Vivian needed him. He prayed that she never did. After one call, he drops everything to return to her. He didn't expect to find she wasn't the only one he'd left behind. She was pregnant when he disappeared, and he now has a son. With Eric back in Vivian's life and no danger to prevent them being together they have to decide what is next for them. They must unravel the secrets and lies before anything can be decided. The passion is still there, along with the love, but trust is fragile. In time they might find what they need to make their relationship whole again; however, it might take everything they have to erase the imprint of betrayal from their hearts.
Get lost in FOUR first in series stories… Cowgirl Fever: Dallas Novak swore off women after his fiancée broke their engagement.