The Sentinel - Lee Child & Andrew Child

The Sentinel

By Lee Child & Andrew Child

  • Release Date : 2020-10-27
  • Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
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Score: 4
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Jack Reacher is back! The “utterly addictive” (The New York Times) series continues as acclaimed author Lee Child teams up with his brother, Andrew Child, fellow thriller writer extraordinaire.

“One of the many great things about Jack Reacher is that he’s larger than life while remaining relatable and believable. The Sentinel shows that two Childs are even better than one.”—James Patterson

As always, Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there. One morning he ends up in a town near Pleasantville, Tennessee.

But there’s nothing pleasant about the place.

In broad daylight Reacher spots a hapless soul walking into an ambush. “It was four against one” . . . so Reacher intervenes, with his own trademark brand of conflict resolution.

The man he saves is Rusty Rutherford, an unassuming IT manager, recently fired after a cyberattack locked up the town’s data, records, information . . . and secrets. Rutherford wants to stay put, look innocent, and clear his name.

Reacher is intrigued. There’s more to the story. The bad guys who jumped Rutherford are part of something serious and deadly, involving a conspiracy, a cover-up, and murder—all centered on a mousy little guy in a coffee-stained shirt who has no idea what he’s up against.

Rule one: if you don’t know the trouble you’re in, keep Reacher by your side.


  • Obviously two writers

    By Yer Mots a Dog
    The story isn’t too bad but some of it reads like it was written by a 7th grader. I don’t know if Lee’s younger brother is in 7th grade or if he wrote those parts but they are pretty terrible. If you can ignore those sections then it’s a half decent Jack Reacher book.
  • The Sentinel

    Long on words short on action. Very difficult to make to the end since so many pages were all words that filled space. Big fan of Lee Child but losing faith. Not a book that holds your interest.
  • Worst book ever

    By bbiffer
    I could not even finish this. Don't waste the time or money on this one.
  • Andrew Child isn’t Lee

    By DMR6057
    Many authors have writers take over for them - usually posthumously but it is very obvious that Andrew “Child” aka Andrew Grant wrote the majority of the dialogue as it sounds nothing like Reacher. I was so looking forward to a new Reacher story but while it was good, it didn’t reflect Reacher...kind of like Tom Cruise playing Jack NMI Reacher .. too far fetched.
  • The Sentinel

    By 17288SC
    Confusing,boring and l had to force myself to finish it— There wasn’t a sentence with more than 4 words— such a disappointment.
  • The Sentinel

    By Say-Say Jane
    Jack is, as usual, a thinking man’s Neanderthal. A fun read, and timely in a way.
  • Surprisingly cumbersome and complex

    By PHXDana
    Of all the Jack Reacher books, this is the least Jack Reacheriest. The plot line is cumbersome, the story involves single dimension double agents and undeveloped side characters. It’s not a bad read, but it’s not a Reacher novel. Reacher is an unusual character. He learns nothing during our encounters with him. He is a force of nature who follows his own set of rules and applies them to the setting where we join him. Then he departs. Suddenly. Abruptly. Immutably. Like a tornado, Reacher is there and then he is not. But this time, Reacher talks about the dark web like he knows what it is. For a guy who barely reads a newspaper and shuns property and technology, his sudden development of IT skills is at odds with his Jack Reacherieness. When he departs, he heads back to Nashville and breaks another of his few rules. This story has a “ripped from the headlines” vibe that just doesn’t serve it well. Still, it’s a Jack Reacher novel and so I bought it and read it. For the first time ever, I’m going to wait before buying the next one. I hope the author doesn’t treat us like Lucy.
  • The Sentinel

    By HRWT73
    The beginning of the end for one of the greatest series and characters ever created. This book was terrible......the style, language, and plot made it impossible to get into and want to read. The characters were boring with no effort to build them out throughout the book. Lee Child has always done an amazing job of saying more with less when it comes to Reacher.....he was a chatterbox in this book and came across as way too friendly. My favorite character and series of all time.....extremely disappointed. If this is the future of Jack Reacher, then do the right thing.......with Lee Child writing one final glorious novel, taking Reacher out in style.
  • Save your money

    By Tailgunner55
    Yes, Lee Child’s name is first and largest but the writing style is not, in my opinion, anywhere near as good as the old Reacher books actually written by Lee Child and no one else. The prose is awkward and the storyline confused. The characters have no real personalities (yes, even the Reacher character) and every aspect of the book is flat. Save your money. This is the worst “Reacher” book ever. Books that are “co-written” are rarely as good as those written solely by the original author but this one really lowers the bar. Shame on Lee Child for letting his name be associated with this “Reacher” book.
  • Is Lee Child using cut and paste?

    By Dr. Hermes
    I’ve been a fan of the Reacher series since their inception. This was the only one I was unable to finish. It’s almost as if the “he saw the man on the left so he pivoted and kicked him in the knee” or “he knew if he went east toward town he would find a diner” scenes were taken from previous books. Tedious, sadly, and predictable.